Comments and Reviews

“Thank you so much for providing such an insightful and helpful workshop for us.  One of the most impressive aspects was that you were able to present things in such a way that they were appropriate for students, for local independent teachers, and for our collegiate faculty.  I too found myself utilizing your suggestions yesterday with my students and know I’ll see a vast improvement in their juries.”

–Naomi Oliphant  (University of Louisville)

“You were both [Ohio University Lyric Duo] everything we hoped for and more! Your workshop and master classes were terrific. Your adjudicating was thoughtful and insightful. The recital was marvelous–skillful, artistic, beautiful.”

–Susan Gray (University of South Dakota, Vermillion)

“It was wonderful to see and HEAR you!  I truly thought it was just a brilliant lecture/presentation.  Your playing was phenomenal when you illustrated; Just amazing pianism in all respects—technically and musically.  I thought the presentation covered so many aspects of teaching—and it was very practical.  I learned several things that I will incorporate in my teaching, and I know others did.  My friend/piano teacher stopped in today, and told me she was inspired yesterday, and used some things yesterday in the afternoon as she taught.  That is what we all hope for.”

–Nancy Bachus  (Alfred Publications author and independent teacher)

“Schubert’s late B-flat Sonata, D. 960, revealed Miss Berenson’s ability to draw and sustain broad paragraphs and successfully handle music composed on a large canvas.”

–The Times (London)

“The Ravel put in full light the mastery of the interpreter; her sonorities were skillfully nuanced, her playing assured and vigorous, well-balanced, her virtuosity at ease and brilliant and expressive strength always in control.”

–Journal de Vervier (Belgium)

“What a wonderful presentation you gave to our students! So many of them have told me how very much they appreciated what you had to say and were planning to use the information to “center themselves” for juries.”

–Phyllis East (State University of New York, Fredonia)

“Many, many thanks again for making the trip and your splendid performance. You all made it look effortless [Ohio University Cardinal Trio]. The crowd was good and very appreciative.”

–Rita Roberts (Graves Sundays at Five Series, Columbus, OH)

“The playing was of the highest caliber and the program was well attended by both students and faculty. At the concert, I was sitting next to my long-time colleague, John Wustman, and we both agreed that “it doesn’t get any better that this” referring to the overall quality of the performance”.

–Reid Alexander (University of Illinois, Urbana)

“Most especially, thank you so much for the wonderful master class. I loved the way in which you gently guided the students to playing, thinking and listening in ways that were a revelation to them and a great experience for the audience. You handled everything so easily and well.”

–Eric Ruple (James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA)

“And thank you, most especially, for the beautiful recital that you and Alison [Ohio University Lyric Duo] shared with us. It was so enriching to hear the two of you play together and to enjoy the wonderful music you selected–especially the Gieseking.”

–Rex Woods (University of Arizona, Tucson)

“I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation, and a wonderful master class. I thought that your comments were concrete and very helpful, while they were also encouraging and uplifting! We have to do it again in the future with a different theme! ”

— Shari Weisz (Schubert Club, Stamford, CT)

“I hold Gail Berenson’s work in the highest regard. She is a performer who communicates eloquently, with masterful artistry and wonderful sensitivity. In workshop presentations, Gail is also at home. She is clear and exciting, and she always leaves those in attendance with much to think about and apply to their own teaching situations. Gail is a master teacher in so many realms, and it is always enlightening to hear her perform and present.”

— Jane Magrath (University of Oklahoma, Norman)

“With the growing problem of musician injuries, your suggestions for preventing injuries are very timely. Because of your well researched and delivered presentations, it is evident why you are in demand worldwide to lecture about this topic. The recital by the Ohio University Lyric Duo was absolutely stunning. I continue to be amazed by your playing, Gail. Not only was your ensemble with Alison outstanding, but also the emotional impact of your music was exciting and heartfelt. The recital was a highlight of the workshop for everyone.”

–Sylvia Coats (Wichita State University)

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