A Symposium for Pianists and Teachers: Strategies to Develop the Mind and Body for Optimal Performance

by Gail Berenson et al (ISBN: 0-89328-154-9)

A Symposium for Pianist and Teachers Book CoverA Symposium for Pianists and Teachers is a unique volume built on the selected areas of interest and expertise of ten different authors. More a compendium of thoughts dealing with the playing of the piano most easily, efficiently and without physical injury, than a ‘this is the only way’ approach. Concise and accessible, readers can glean something concrete and usable, some practical, ‘down-to-earth’ advice, from each chapter.

This includes interpretations of and insights into some of the twentieth-century’s foremost piano pedagogy texts, including The Physiological Mechanics of Piano Technique by Otto Ortmann, Arnold Schultz’ The Riddle of the Pianist’s Finger, and The Visible and Invisible in Pianoforte Technique by Tobias Matthay. Out-of-print and, at times, a challenge to approach, it is hoped that the descriptions contained will aid those pianists who are not able to study these works for themselves and support them in their search for understanding of the biomechanics of movement at the keyboard.

Wellness methodologies, medical problems of and treatments for pianists, and overall musicianship also feature prominently. Five sections – The Mechanical, The Technical, The Musical, The Healthful (Mind and Body) and The Pedagogical – organize the material and easily lead the reader through a process of discovery. While there is a natural sequence to the chapters, it is not necessary to read them in the order in which they are presented. Some chapters refer the reader to others for a more in-depth discussion of a certain topic, and these are footnoted for easy reference. A description of each chapter is also included in the contents, making it possible to move around the book as personal interest dictates. Link.

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Creative Piano Teaching

by James Lyke, Geoffrey Haydon, and Catherine Rollin ISBN: 978-1-60904-054-3

Gail Berenson – contributor of three chapters to the new and expanded 4th edition:

The 3rd edition of this book won James Lyke the Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award at the 2004 Music Teachers National Association convention. Its national reputation and the outstanding new contributions by well known teachers and scholars will make this 4th edition a classic in the field.

Stipes Link. This can also be purchased online at Amazon.com.

The Art of Communication: Nurturing Resourceful and Spirited Students

by Gail Berenson. Piano Pedagogy Forum, Vol. 1, No. 3, September 1998

This unique online journal was created in January 1998 as a pedagogical resource for teachers and students. Link

Piano Discoveries Piano Method Books

by Janet Vogt and Leon Bates. Gail Berenson was a contributor as a member of Heritage Press/Lorenz Publications Advisory Board

The sixteen-book series, Piano Discoveries, was launched in 2001. It is a leading-edge piano method filled with delightful and sensitive repertoire and special features created and written to equip and encourage students to move forward successfully and musically with each new lesson. Available at Lorenz.com.

Ask the Professor

Janet Vogt, music and lyrics; Professor’s comments by: Janet Vogt, Gail Berenson and Judith Strickland Minter. Heritage Press/Lorenz Publications.

Supplemental books to accompany Piano Discoveries Piano Method Books. This 2004 addition to the Piano Discoveries series contains outstanding performance repertoire that students will love. Alongside the compositions are answers to the typical questions that a young student might ask. The topics range from how to handle technical issues to dealing with the emotions of performance anxiety. Available at Lorenz.com.

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